Let it Die

Let Suda 51 Die

It is rare that a piece of key art is worthy of comment. That ugly, industry-saturated term, “key art”, tells the whole story, bringing to mind images of focus testing promotional images usually of men with guns facing away, silhouetted in the light of an explosion. But this bit of key art, this is something special. Let’s just lay it out here, for your enjoyment. Observe the faded tones, the dappled light. Look on the grim reaper, posed classically, one hand stretched towards a prostate victim. Take in the towering pile of city, punctuated with plumes of smoke, the distant…


Crawl eyes an August 6th release date

Learning that Crawl is only a little bit more than a week away from hitting early access may not do much for you, initially. Understandable. It’s been a while since this local multiplayer game been on the radar. To jog your memory, Crawl looks like some sort of variation of tag set in hell. One player is human and the others play murderous ghosts jostling to deliver the killing blow onto the mortal so that they may, in turn, become human. Ghosts can posses monsters and traps, constantly switching to get a leg up on the human player, yes, but on…


Watch ten minutes of Quadrilateral Cowboy’s perspective-twisting mind-jacking

Quadrilateral Cowboy has gone through quite the metamorphosis over the course of development, as we can see in this footage of Brendon Chung showing off the new body-swapping, Betamax-hacking, entering-the-Matrix gameplay.  Originally the game was due out in 2013 and was far less ambitious. It was one of those games where you theoretically learn to code through playing, like Hack ’n’ Slash and Minecraft. “It spurred players to be creative, and tapped into what I feel is a big joy of programming: empowering yourself through learning a new language …. ‘OK, what now?’” Chung told Edge. But since then the…


Double Fine made a pretty lame trailer for this otherwise awesome Zelda-inspired hacking game

I was super-impressed along with everyone else when I saw the  code’em-up Hack ‘n’ Slash at a live demo a month ago. The idea is that you solve puzzles like those found in the overhead Zelda games, but instead of dropping bombs and pushing blocks, you pull up a computer terminal and alter the code. This allows you to craftily change parameters of objects in the world so you can grab that heart piece, or whatever. This is very cool to behold, and it familiarizes you with the ins-and-outs of code to boot. The other issue on the table is,…


These guys are teaching African kids computer literacy with games

Here’s a feel-good story about the educational power of games: a group of kindhearted educators have founded The Play to Learn Lab in Cape Town, South Africa. Their initiative? To use games to familiarize underprivileged primary school kids about technology. To do this affordably, they’re constructing ersatz computers from Androids and cardboard, like the one in the photo. On them kids can learn some ol’ fashioned DIYing and play educational games. The problem is they’ve run out of funds, so now their seeking for contributions through a crowdfunding campaign. Seems like a nobler cause than say Mighty No. 9. These…