Square president has epiphany: people outside of Japan like JRPGs

Seems obvious, but apparently not.  In an interview with the Nikkei, translated by the good people at Siliconera, Square president Yosuke Matsuda admits, “We weren’t able to see this clearly up until now, but fans of JRPGs are really spread around the world.”  He seems genuinely baffled at how titles the company whitewashed to appeal to a global audience fell flat, while games targeted chiefly for Japan like Bravely Default found love around the world. While the old writer’s tip ‘write what you know’ is disputable, it’s at least correct to say ‘don’t makes games based on what you think…


New PBS Game/Show asks if you will suck at virtual reality

Virtual reality has the potential to cause the most tumultuous sea change in games, well, since virtual reality. The tech was introduced back in the ‘80s, but the thing is, it never materialized into anything, except for that mobile VR cave I played once at the mall.  Now, things are different. Affordable consumer virtual reality headsets are eminent, and the experience is amazing. Only one problem. The games we play today don’t lend themselves very well to being inside them. I mean, could you imagine stuffing a body in a dumpster in a virtual reality version of Hitman. Talk about…