Deer Lord

Finally, a card game created exclusively for weirdos

If you have a bunch of weirdo friends who think it’s normal to be weird (and why wouldn’t they?), boy have we got the card game for you. The strategic party game DEER LORD! is basically a trying-to-assimilate-to-society-but-can’t-because-you’re-too-weird simulator. It’s described as being ideal for a group of friends that likes to “deceive, manipulate and confuse each other,” because the basic premise is that you must trick other people into thinking your weirdo tendencies are normal. Each player draws five cards from the deck that give them the option to either “duel” with another player, or instructs them to “do something.” Duels are…


Don’t know how tedious passing a bill can be? Experience it with this satirical quiz

Growing up in a city crawling with politically questionable leaders and spending most of my adulthood in America’s capital has clearly had some kind of positive affect on me. I became a Congresswoman and successfully passed a bill (on my third try!), all by being a completely passive wet noodle. Clickhole has created a new quiz weighing how well you would do as a member of Congress. I ended up in jail, twice, for murder. Apparently, my IP address has been given to the NSA, which is cool since I’ve always wanted to be an agent. It’s completely reminiscent of…