Grimes’ luscious pop music is now an interactive installation

Experimental pop musician Claire “Grimes” Boucher is a one-lady machine. Not only does the pop songstress compose and write all her own music, she also directs her own music videos and has a steady hand in producing. The fully-realized vision of Grimes is wholly Boucher’s own. Grimes is Grimes, because of Grimes. It only makes sense that the next logical step in the world of Grimes is a step beyond the musical sphere—an interactive art installation. Knowing Grimes’ music, it’ll be something wonderfully weird Grimes will be headlining the North Carolina music, art, and technology festival Moogfest, which will be…


Polygon Shredder is all the fun of confetti with none of the mess

As I tool around with the cascading confetti waves of web developer Jaume Sanchez Elias’ Polygon Shredder, I feel a bit like Moses parting the red sea. Except this sea isn’t just red, but also blue, yellow, white, and I think I saw a little chartreuse in there. If you ever had a pet tornado in the ‘90s, Polygon Shredder follows a similar principle. As a sort of desk toy for the digital age, Polygon Shredder works by generating a certain amount of multicolor cubes based on your preference, then shredding them into paper-thin strips and tossing them into the…


New exhibit hints at a future for low-poly art outside of games

The unfortunate thing about low-poly art, the aesthetic of simple shapes and abstract images seen in games like Final Fantasy VII, is that it never got much of a chance to take off as a legitimate art style all its own. In a medium where big companies are constantly competing over realistic graphics, low-poly art has been quickly phased out for more and more detailed visuals as technology has become increasingly powerful. And while the similarly retro-born pixel art has had a resurgence with the rise of independent game development, low poly-art has yet to see the same sort of…


Gaze upon the kinky, deformed face of Craigslist casual encounters

Finding yourself in the Craigslist casual encounters personal ads feels like accidentally stepping into a new world you never knew existed. It has its own language (i.e. I’m a DDF w4m who’s down to be FWB, is HWP, and into sub/dom). It has its own societal norms and code of conduct (discreteness and height/weight proportionality are key to be being a productive Craigslist casual encounter citizen). Essentially, it’s like you accidentally got invited to that Eyes Wide Shut orgy, only instead of creepy masks, everyone’s face has been replaced by a dick pic. everyone’s face has been replaced by a…


Darwin’s evolutionary theories get a modern art makeover

Evolution, one might argue, was the original interactive technology. Randomness, through interaction with stimuli, is organized into with an underlying sense of logic. Then it all happens again. This is the underlying idea behind Daniel Rozin’s exhibit “Descent With Modification,” which is running at New York’s bitforms gallery until July 1st, 2015. Taking inspiration from Darwin’s seminal tome On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, the Israeli-American artist’s works use software to simulate “genetic drift.” Shapes gradually shift in a manner that would be relaxing if they weren’t in effect replicating the extinction of species. In Darwinian…


This web app picassofies your pictures into abstract cubist collages

Few visual art styles are as dramatically influential as Cubism. Pioneered by the likes of Picasso and Braque, Cubism jettisoned the notion of realistic depictions of nature and sparked an aesthetic revolution that would impact every modern art style throughout the twentieth-century. Inspired by this movement, web artist William Ngan has created browser-based app Kubist that allows users to upload their own personal photos to create modern collages of geometric oddity. The app uses algorithms that map points, either randomly or through specific collision detection, to generate corresponding shapes to the photo. Colors are then detected and mapped to associate with…