Job Hunting Simulator has all the soul crushing reality of an actual job hunt

Great news, everyone! Unemployment is down to 5.1%, the lowest its been since 2008! The American dream is resuscitated, pumping a feeble yet confident fist up into the air. Well, except for millennials, that is, where unemployment is still at a resounding 13.8 % as of May 2015. Yeah, that’s right, if you’re anywhere from 18-29 years old, the supposedly stabilized economy doesn’t mean shit to you. Granted, this year’s millennial unemployment rate is better than last year, when it hovered over and above 15%. According to research from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, millennials are estimated to make…


Human Resource Machine proposes a grim alternative to replacing workers with robots

What will you do when the robots take your job? It’s only a matter of time until we’re all melted down and shoveled into vats as our flesh becomes a more valuable resource than our labor. So it’s about time you start planning ahead for your (f)unemployment. Your options are severely limited to 1) learn new skills and get another job, 2) live in poverty and die in a gutter, and 3) become an automated human. the soul-sucking state of employment under uncaring corporations.  Sorry, what was that? An automated human? I know, I’ve never considered this as an option…


Female coder’s inspirational letter to 8-year-old niece warms the heart

I’ve written a fair amount on the ever-evolving conversation taking place regarding women in the game/tech industry. It’s fair to say that the topic basically blew up in the past year – from Women vs. Tropes to the controversies of E3 to the more recent #objectify – a Twitter campaign meant to subject male writers to the same scrutiny female writers have to deal with. It’s genuinely exciting – and I personally feel that it’s a very positive thing that the larger culture is taking the conversation seriously, but there’s also backlash and anger awash in the topic. Recently, there’s…