The birth of No Man’s Sky

If you want more in depth interviews like these, support us on Kickstarter! // Few games have captured the public imagination like No Man’s Sky. Due out in June 2016, the game promises an entire universe to explore: some 18 quintillion planets, which would take some 600 billion hours for players to fully explore. (Who knows, though; never underestimate the public’s appetite for videogames.) This would all be impressive enough, but what turned our heads was the kaleidoscopic array of colors in which the game is painted, full of toxic green skies and impossibly lush plants, dank caves and deep purple…


Joe Danger Infinity has some serious Nintendo mojo going on

Yesterday a new Joe Danger was revealed to the world. Coming to your iPhone “real soon,” it has been confirmed, is Joe Danger Infinity, the latest entry about popping wheelies on a stunt bike. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited, which is a little surprising, given that the guys at Hello have been birthing Joe Danger games like they’re an Amish family. Usually, I’ll bemoan sequel-itus by the third or fourth iteration, but for Joe, I’ll gladly make an exception. There’s something intangible about jumping bikes and careening from lane to lane that just doesn’t get old, no matter how…