Erotica Robotica

Erotica Robotica proves sex with robots is tricky

In this fantastical world of booming technological advances in robotics, you’d probably be lying if you said you’ve never thought about sex with robots. After all, the topic has been almost unavoidable, cropping up in the news thanks to very possibly sex-craved innovators like this man, who made his personal robot look eerily like Scarlett Johansson, and the many people—including myself—who swooned over the AI who spouts post-modern poetry. Enter Erotica Robotica, a game where two players must work together to sexually pleasure a robot named SAMM-69, to satiate that, uh, curiosity. And SAMM-69, the genderless robot clothed in a…


How virtual reality reinvents party games

This article is part of a collaboration with iQ by Intel. Though virtual reality can be an immersive, solitary experience, multiplayer games are bringing people together for a new kind of group fun. With all the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding virtual reality (VR) games this year, it makes sense to expect some partying. After all, huddling around the TV with a group of friends to play Mario Party—or transforming the living room into a makeshift concert hall with Rock Band—remain marquee gaming moments for gamer groups. Yet these types of party games seem to fly in the face of the head-mounted displays…


A virtual reality game about disarming bombs asks how much you trust your friends

Even on the best of days, defusing a bomb is a difficult task. Can there ever really be a “best day” that involves defusing a bomb? Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is not interested in simplifying this task. Developed by Ottawa’s Steel Crate Games, it layers wrinkle upon wrinkle, making the task of defusing quite the challenge. You play in a group: one player can see the virtual bomb, the other(s) can see the instruction manual for defusing the damn thing. Everyone has to work together to ensure a satisfactory outcome. For good measure, the clock is ticking, because there’s…


Defusing a bomb in VR is harder than you think

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a game where a player wearing an Oculus Rift has to defuse a bomb per the instruction of her non-mask-wearing teammates. The clever thing here is it plays off many of the Rift’s faults: Strapping a mask to your head is exclusionary and awkward, there’s only one headset per computer, and also you look like an alien/bomb-disposal-tech while wearing one. Events happen pretty much the way you’d expect from watching any spy movie or television drama involving a bomb squad, with tense confusion over whether to cut the white wire with the red stripe…