Warby Parker X Kill Screen

Looky, looky: We’ve partnered up with Warby Parker for a game and glasses

Warby Parker and Kill Screen have in common a creative (and unconventional) approach to their respective fields of interest. Now we have a project in common, too: an original videogame and a pair of limited-edition glasses! As of today, August 23rd, Warby Parker’s first-ever—and totally free—videogame is available to play on screens at the Warby Parker website. With the help of Highline Games, Warby Parker and Kill Screen designed a physics-based matching game that perfectly captures our shared love of design and entertainment. Visually, it’s as beautiful as to be expected from us, and the physics-based ballfeel (calm it!) hits the sweet spot of being…


Why we’re relaunching our print magazine

Header image by Rune Fisker /// In less than two weeks, we are relaunching our print magazine with Issue 9. We’re incredibly excited to show you what we’ve been working on. For a limited time, use the discount code RELAUNCH to receive 10% off your purchase of Issue 9, or off a 4 issue subscription. When we founded Kill Screen only seven years ago, the “game world” was a surprisingly different place. Many of the presumed fault lines in games—between independent and mainstream, artful and commercial, local and global—were just starting to penetrate the public discourse. “Indie Games” had been around since the early…

Secret of Mana

Here, have a free mixtape of JRPG music on us

You know what we like? Yes, videogames, but apart from those. No? Music, silly. Yes, we like music, and we especially like game music. You probably do too. Why does this matter right now? Well, we have a little gift for you. If you didn’t back our Kickstarter to reinvent our print magazine then you wouldn’t have received the special mixtape that we gave out on December 4th. It’s called “Run 2 The End of the World, Vol 1” and it was put together by freelance film and TV composer Julian Wass for us. The whole mixtape is a love letter…

why paper

Why Paper?

Support print media in the modern world by backing us on Kickstarter If you want a sense of the difference between the worlds of paper media and videogames, color is the best place to start. In print, as we learn in kindergarten, there are three primary colors—red, blue, and yellow—and you get all the other colors by mixing them together. If you pay attention to the color cartridge in your printer, you’ll see blue and red are “cyan” and “magenta,” but otherwise it’s the same. This color palette, often referred to as CMYK for cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black), is the subtractive…


Slack’s error page is actually an interactive scene from a defunct game

It wasn’t long ago that working in America was defined by a common image: people gathering around an office water cooler every morning to drink coffee and discuss the latest episode of shows like Dancing with the Stars (team Bindi, by the way). However, with 1 in 5 Americans now working from home thanks to the rise of internet, that image has become a little more dated in recent years. Instead of a water cooler, these online workers often employ chat programs like Slack, which allow them a sort of virtual office-space to gather around. With it, they’re easily able to discuss…