The Last of Us soundtrack is getting the beautiful vinyl LP it always needed

“Whoa. Look at this place!” Ellie says as you walk through the doorway, into an old record store. You’re on your way to Bill’s hideout and this abandoned town is the first place that lets you truly grasp Ellie’s alienation from our own world. It’s not that she just doesn’t listen to records. She’s not some teenager who doesn’t care or understand obsolete pieces of art work. To Ellie, a record is a foreign artifact—like a moon rock or ancient Egyptian scroll. It’s a difference in the age gap that no one from the world before the outbreak would’ve had…


Watch the devs of The Last of Us wrangle over the differences between film and games

The Last of Us has been getting a lot of buzz lately, with the Left Behind DLC and whispers of a sequel whetting our appetites for a second helping of what may be the grimmest buddy film/game.  Luckily, you can sink your teeth into this nearly two-hour documentary on the making of it. There’s a lot of footage of guys from Naughty Dog sitting on the couch, but that’s OK because they’re generally talking about interesting stuff, like what does and doesn’t work in a novel, and an action movie, and a videogame. They also talk about how they feel…


Naughty Dog to those who think The Last of Us is too violent: Get over it

The Last of Us is an ice-cold, hopeless, and harrowing bloodbath through an ugly, post-infected America, and one of the best games of recent years. It’s also been the source of controversy, with some critics complaining that it was too grizzly and violent. All this moralizing momentarily caused the game creators to strip any violence whatsoever from from the new DLC Left Behind. Then they thought about it and went: naaah.  Here’s Neil Druckmann’s spoiler-heavy explanation of why violence is in fact crucial to his vision:  What if there were no infected in this game? What if there was no combat at…