Watch this guy attempt to spend 48 hours in virtual reality without sleeping

How long have you spent inside virtual reality in total—an hour? Two hours? 24 hours? It’s probably only a small number of hours as it takes quite the toll on your eyes and brain. And that’s if you don’t get the infamous nausea it brings on for a lot of people. But heck, try telling that to Thorsten Wiedemann, who is currently at the beginning of a performance called DISCONNECTED that will see him spending a total of 48 consective hours inside virtual reality. As the description says: “No human being has ever spent such a long time in computer generated Virtual…


Watch 11 hours of cats being adorable to celebrate the best cat game on the planet

We don’t need an excuse to talk about cats here. Cats are a pretty big deal. We have a “cats” tag and it’s probably the most valuable thing we’ve got. That is, before we set-up our sister site Kitten Screen and take over th– okay, that’s not actually happening (it is in my dreams), but a “Kitten Screen” is actually why you’re here.  This week has been declared “Game Week with Google Play” in Japan. And part of that involved celebrating one of our favorite videogames from this past year: Neko Atsume. You know what developer Hit-Point Co. did? I…


Unsurprisingly, Jonathan Blow hates watermarks on top of pretty games

Add corporate watermarks to the ever-growing catalogue of stuff that Jonathan Blow has publicly hated on on Twitter, along with achievements and those despicable Sony smart-wigs.  But let’s back up. It seems watchers are being presented with a Ubisoft logo in the lower right corner of the screen when they tune in to live, streaming sessions of Child of Light to catch a few iambic nursery rhymes. In response to the general chorus of “Who cares” by Polygon commenters, Blow tweeted:   Then in response to the response to that Tweet, he tweeted: The general attitude of these millennials is…