Exploring the mind-bending science of 4D in Miegakure

Videogames have always existed as multidimensional. Whether we were bouncing a ball from side-to-side in the perpetually flat, 2D Pong (1972), or playing as fully-realized 3D people, queueing up to learn how to shoot one another. It has always been us: 3D humans, observing multi-dimensional projections from a 2D screen. In a recent development update from Marc ten Bosch’s highly-anticipated puzzle game Miegakure, Bosch speaks of the science behind his foray into the unknown dimension of 4D. In Miegakure, the player bends reality in order to solve puzzles. In the developer’s scientific-based vlog update on the game, Bosch said, “What you…


Miegakure will soon introduce us to 4D in 140 mind-boggling steps

There’s an aesthetic principle applied in a certain style of Japanese gardening meant to conceal or hide aspects of a landscape from any given angle, so that visitors must walk through the garden to experience it in its entirety. It’s an aesthetic decision that turns observers into participants. Guests in the garden must physically move through its space to admire all the different elements at work; a fence obscuring a fountain, a temple behind a hill, a patch of flowers nestled beyond a dense grove of bamboo. During the course of a traversal, things once hidden come into view. Secrets…