A model for referencing videogames in literature

Generally when literature alludes to other media—Facebook, texting, film, the song “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train—my first reaction is to cringe. At its worst these mentions feel unnatural, lazy—the author’s gawky attempt to connect to the modern world or to an artistic tradition by simply referencing it. But even good media references can be jarring. Haruki Murakami’s thoughtful incorporation of jazz and classical music into his work, for instance, still has a weirdness to it. Perhaps this can be pinned down to degrees of separation from reality. When reading a work of fiction, it is typically odd to see mentions…


Drake gets super emo over Super Mario World’s "Star Road" beat

File this one under “nexus of things about which only Clay gives a shit”: Drake vomited out three dope tracks over the weekend, one of which (“Cha Cha”) is a slinky, seven-minute ode to a romance gone sour. Its backing track may sound familiar to Mario completists; it’s the stage-select music from Super Mario World‘s hidden Star Road levels. And I woke up wanting some soft rock to listen to! Both tracks are below.  Drake’s having a hell of a year. “0 to 100” came out middle of last year but it was still dominating rap radio throughout the winter,…


Because Mario Kart 8 released on a Friday, here are the rules to the best Mario Kart drinking game

For millions of college freshmen still living in the dorm room, Mario Kart isn’t merely a family-friendly kart racer featuring banana peel bloopers and a road-hogging anthropomorphous fungi. It is also a great way to get shit-faced. So with Mario Kart 8 releasing today Wii U, right before the weekend madness, we thought what better way to celebrate than by running through the rules of Beerio Kart, which for the record was far superior to Mario Party in the pantheon of Nintendo 64 drinking games. I’ll leave the details for Reddit user miles5241 to explain: Word of advice: don’t get…