Infinite Arms

Infinite Arms aims to make the toy game adult-friendly

When Activision’s Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure first launched in 2011, it resonated with older kids by balancing the act of imagination with the act of playing a videogame. While it was more structured than a more free-form toy like Legos, Skylanders created the illusion that, by placing plastic figurines on a light-up pedestal, players could bring inanimate objects to life. Adults didn’t understand this. As an added bonus for Activision, this was a natural point of entry into the toy industry, and the ability to bolster sales with a physical product line was something that everyone from Nintendo to Lego would…


This looks like Hyper Light Drifter but darker; here’s hoping it comes out

In the year 20XX, in a TIGSource devlog… Irkalla. It’s a side-scrolling arcade shooter that has the pixel-y charm of Hyper Light Drifter (or your personal favorite upcoming GIF-machine), and all the bleak, gunmetal-grey mech-strewn wastelands you can ask for. Yeah, the pored-over, long-gestating pixel art GIF-game is kind of a trend right now, but there’s pixel art and then there’s pixel art, y’know? And this two-man project looks to be the latter. The devs even promise to keep their narrative ambitions in check and “just focus on a funny gameplay, heavy atmosphere and stylized pixel art.” Two out of…