Let the Monument Valley studio help you meditate with this new app

Would you trust ustwo to help you relax and let out all your stress? In a way, if you’ve played through Monument Valley, you already have. I can’t speak for you but I watched my mum play that game through in one session and she was visibly chilled the hell out. I heard her deep sighs of relief and saw her entire posture deflate in that armchair over the duration. I imagine the game had a similar effect upon me.  But PAUSE isn’t a game. It’s ustwo’s latest app and one that apparently combines Tai Chi techniques with proper science…


Prune is a breath of fresh air

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. Prune (iOS)  BY Polyculture Whether your thumbs are green or usually poised over a joystick, Prune will have something for you. As the virtual botanist/god of the universe, it’s up to you to help a blossoming tree find its path into the light. By circumventing natural obstacles like shadow and wind, you allow a beautiful, branching life to take shape. Through minimalist design and a meditative soundscape, Prune builds an atmosphere for creation rather than competition. There are no timers, no scores, not even impassable level barriers. This…