Playlist: The Metroidvania goes to Ancient Greece

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. APOTHEON (PC)  BY ALIENTRAP   Apotheon uses the geometric constraints of a Greek sculpture to explore the limits of beauty and glory. It’s beautiful, sensuous, and deadly, which isn’t surprising given it was created by the same team responsible for the painterly Capsized. Run right, stab left, or get impaled anywhere in-between. The challenge in Apotheon is nothing less than to bring down the gods themselves, all while navigating the aesthetics of bronze age combat. The road ahead is forked like a hydra but there’s plenty of solace to…


Heart Forth, Alicia is a gorgeous RPG seven years in the making

Videogames are hardly wanting for another Metroidvania – that exploration-heavy, upgrade-focused branch of the RPG tree. But Heart Forth, Alicia is a particularly tempting fruit. The game lays its cards on the table with a $60 tier that delivers a boxed copy of the game and manual designed “in the style of the PS1 games that inspired Heart Forth, Alicia.” This is no lazy imitation, no cash-grab nostalgia play: from its ornate pixel art – ripe with complex Metal Slug-style animation and floating damage text – to the pitch-perfect soundtrack, which you can hear in the video below, it looks…