Unmask corrupt Mexican politics with this surreal art installation

For some, it was only a matter of time before Mexico’s most infamous drug lord escaped. After being captured just last February, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman spent less than 18 months in police custody before it was discovered last weekend that he was no longer in his cell. Instead, prison security discovered a hole that led down into an elaborate tunnel complete with lighting and air conditioning, an engineering feat more likely the result of rampant corruption than the tenacious resourcefulness of one man. For a country at war with its drug cartels, the failure of Mexico’s government to keep…


Drugbound accurately depicts the nightmares of drug policy activists

If you ever wanted to know what the fever dreams of drug policy activists look like after too many long nights working through reams of legislative proposals, try Drugbound. It’s a wildly colorful, 2D side-scrolling endless runner with a hook straight out of High Times. The game is centered around your quest for freedom and your ability to collect the most marijuana possible, while avoiding buzzsaws, rocket-riding demons and the invisible, oppressive hand of the DEA. – – – The first level sees you endlessly running through a sunset desert (which just happens to resemble the Mexican border), collecting herb and…