Miegakure will soon introduce us to 4D in 140 mind-boggling steps

There’s an aesthetic principle applied in a certain style of Japanese gardening meant to conceal or hide aspects of a landscape from any given angle, so that visitors must walk through the garden to experience it in its entirety. It’s an aesthetic decision that turns observers into participants. Guests in the garden must physically move through its space to admire all the different elements at work; a fence obscuring a fountain, a temple behind a hill, a patch of flowers nestled beyond a dense grove of bamboo. During the course of a traversal, things once hidden come into view. Secrets…


Miegakure lets you touch the actual 4th dimension, creator says

As far as dimensions go, the 4th dimension is pretty impossible to understand. That’s because you can’t perceive or really even conceive it. But according to Miegakure creator Marc Ten Bosch, his metaphysical puzzler inspired by Japanese gardening allows the 4th dimension to be made real.  Over at The Creator’s Project, in probably the most fascinating interview with a game dev ever, he gets all esoteric about math and explains how the dimension-shifting in his game is based on mathematical concepts, which are actual proof that the 4th dimension does exist. He says: Does a fourth dimension of space actually…