Meadow will let you and friends survive as a pack of animals

Might and Delight, the creator of the Shelter games, has announced its next project, and yes, it too has cute animal families trying to survive the wilderness. Called Meadow, it’s meant to improve upon some of the ideas explored in the two previous Shelter games, as well as add online multiplayer. It’s due out for PC on October 26th. Shelter 2 (2015) put you in the paws of a powerful lynx mother, letting you explore an open landscapes during various weather conditions. You had to find food, give birth to adorable cubs, raise them, and protect them from vicious predators. Might and Delight wanted…


You can crash land on Pan-Pan’s pretty planet later this month

A pan-pan is a distress signal; it’s not as serious as a mayday call—your life is not likely in immediate danger—but, uh, something’s definitely wrong with your aircraft. It’s customary to call it out three times. Pan-pan, pan-pan, pan-pan. In Spelkraft and Might and Delight’s Pan-Pan, your ice cream cone of a ship crashes onto a strange planet. A strange planet, but a lovely one, at that—Pan-Pan seems to take an aesthetic cue from ustwo’s Monument Valley (2014). There are loads of candy-colored buildings to explore, and quite a few locals to help you find your way around. a game…


Might and Delight’s latest trailer for Child Cooper is a feast for your eyes

“In a lot of ways, you could call us an art collective,” says Vic Bassey, COO of Might and Delight, the creators of the naturalistic game series Shelter. “We’re a small team of extremely creative thinkers and doers with an appreciation of the arts. Be it literature, music or more contemporary forms of expression. We simply use games as a medium to bring all those many elements together.” The studio’s latest endeavor is Child of Cooper, a mysterious yet gorgeous low-poly game described as a visual narrative. Though the team wants to keep people guessing about the exact parameters of Child of…


The Blue Flamingo is a diorama come to life

In the seventh grade, I had to make a diorama for a class project, and being on a complete kick of Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge, I opted to craft something that involved lots and lots of fighter planes. Might and Delight seems to have been on the same wavelength with diorama-incarnate The Blue Flamingo, except with a professional touch and a lack of amateurish glue marks, and that they made a videogame out of it. The Swedish developer is known for their artistic touch and physical-meets-digital aspect of design, with the concept of Pid coming from paper cutouts.…


Yep, Shelter 2’s defenseless cubs still look adorable

Shelter, our favorite game of last year about one adorable sacrificial mama badger, is getting a part 2. As you can see in the new teaser and classy, origami-inspired concept art, Might and Delight is giving our heroine of the first game a reprieve.  In her steed is another carnivorous matriarch: a lynx with sharp claws and piercing fangs who should prove more adept at defending her pack of young’uns than her predecessor, not that a badger isn’t fully capable of crushing a fox in its jaw. Like the first one, this game has a National Geographic documentary thing going…