Spoilerific is the latest attempt to fix the messiness of human nature

Spoilers are a strange kind of residue from our presently connected moment; the act itself (people telling other people stuff they don’t want to hear) has existed since language’s first utterance. But until recently this was insulated to in-person exchanges or long-distance missives, providing the receiver of unwanted news the chance to either a) preempt the info drop with a furious waving of hands, or b) request an okay from the sender before moving ahead and cracking that envelope. Now our eyeballs are threatened daily, down to the second. Sensitive data coats our every window into the world: Whether by…


Scorned fans take over Miiverse in protesting Ubisoft’s delay of Rayman Legends

Rayman: Origins was a monumental return to relevance for Ubisoft’s B-list mascot platformer born in the 90s. I loved the colorful, creative worlds and challenging gameplay when I reviewed it last year, though underwhelming sales made a follow-up unlikely. When news of a sequel leaked out with a promotional video of the game running on early Wii U development kits, fans geared up for another round of slap-dancing and limbless tomfoolery. With Nintendo’s HD system low on post-launch software, Rayman was a bright light, ready to be shipped in late February. Then Ubisoft announced two things: Legends would be ported…