Military training sim looks almost as realistic as next-gen games, probably not as fun

GameSim makes war videogames that look an awful lot like, well, just big rad war videogames. But they’re actually, according to the company, “virtual training simulators.” Edge has an interesting profile on them that touches on how the tech of fun videogames is increasingly being used for un-fun purposes like war. Part of the reason, it explains, is that it’s much less expensive to have soldiers train on a game, rather than out in the field. There is of course that old, lingering ethical issue at play, that we collectively as videogame enthusiasts have indirectly funded and fueled tools that result…


Breathtaking Arma 3 mod proves government-financed videogames are a good thing

Okay, so this military training program isn’t really a mod. But close enough. BISimulations, otherwise known as Bohemia Interactive, the creators of ARMA 3, have released this mighty impressive trailer showing off the visual technology of VBS3. Among the countries who will use the software to train soldiers in the classroom include, you guessed it, the United States, who, according to the press release, has selected it to be their flagship computer game. Ahem, I mean training program.  Often what we talk about when we talk about militaries financing videogames is that the medium is being used for potentially unethical purposes,…

Enduring Freedom

Play enough games and you may win a shiny drone-piloting award from the military

Recent news from the American military has been all about modernization lately. The US will soon allow women in combat roles (roles they’re already playing in the current conflicts, thanks to the reality that the front lines are everywhere), LGBT soldiers can serve openly, and their families can receive the appropriate benefits. The latest news may be quite welcome for a generation of service personnel weaned on video games – a new medal is being introduced to honor the very game-y aspects of modern warfare – drone piloting and hacking chief among them. – – – The Distinguished Warfare Medal,…