Looks like you’ll still be punching plenty of dudes in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

“Don’t get into any scraps,” a voice tells Faith over her comm about a minute into the latest trailer for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. Yet, by now, we’ve already seen Faith take out three guards, with more to come. Though most of the trailer is focused on the series’ signature parkour, it does bookend itself with combat sections, opening and closing on notes of violence. It’s all thrilling enough to look at, but also a little dispiriting, at least for some of us. The first Mirror’s Edge was an exciting departure for DICE, most well-known for the Battlefield series, as it…


How could you not love a game with a hook-shot gravity beam?

The developers of A Story About My Uncle understand something vital: there is no better tool/weapon/means-of-locomotion-in-a-game than a grappling beam. The new trailer reveals the platformer has you latching on to tiny land masses and levitating cubes in an attempt to cross deep chasms the way your uncle did. The play style strikes me as something between the first-person leaping of Mirror’s Edge and the parts of Metroid Prime when you were swinging from an electricity beam, but without the quicktime-events of the former and the clumsiness of the latter. You might remember this title as a standout student project…