The monstrous models that gave DOOM its human touch

DOOM (1993) is known for its hellish bravura and the legacy that followed. On the surface, we tend to think of big pink demon muscles, gnashing jaws, and bloodied grimaces. It’s a stern-faced brute that would be quicker to punch you in the mouth than hold a conversation. Somehow, that aura surrounds the game even today, 20-odd years after it was originally released. But we’re told that all hard-nosed giants have a soft side, and that is at least true for DOOM, as all you have to do is wind back the years to before it came out, to DOOM‘s somewhat goofy-looking production. I’m…


Become the manager of Nice Dudes modeling agency, manage all the nice dudes

Often, women are treated as commodities in videogames. Whether they’re the player’s reward or used as background decoration for the world, players are accustomed to seeing the female body bought, sold, collected, consumed, and traded. Of course, this isn’t exclusive to games: advertisers often use photoshop to portray parts of the female body as literal objects, or use the female form as decoration to render their object more attractive. (It’s starting to happen to male bodies too, but with less frequency and history than women). Which is why the Nice Dudes management sim by Eeve Somepx feels like such a breath of…


The Blue Flamingo is a diorama come to life

In the seventh grade, I had to make a diorama for a class project, and being on a complete kick of Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge, I opted to craft something that involved lots and lots of fighter planes. Might and Delight seems to have been on the same wavelength with diorama-incarnate The Blue Flamingo, except with a professional touch and a lack of amateurish glue marks, and that they made a videogame out of it. The Swedish developer is known for their artistic touch and physical-meets-digital aspect of design, with the concept of Pid coming from paper cutouts.…


New life-like avatars could leave some models out of a job

Sure, being a supermodel might not sound like the worst job ever. In the 90’s, Linda Evangelista famously said that she wouldn’t even get out of bed for less than $10,000. But behind every glamorous photo shoot littered with buckets of money, lies the all too real possibility of a short-lived career. Oh, and heels. The heels don’t look very fun either. Well, it looks like scientists might be making those short-lived careers even shorter, thanks to recent technology out of Manchester Metropolitan University that renders “near-faultless” avatars of a model’s every strut and sultry smize.  To achieve this feat, Dr. Andrew Brownridge and Dr. Peter…