New edition of Monopoly will swap paper money for bank cards

Hasbro has heard your cries for help and taken action. The scourge of adding up payments in Monopoly has been eradicated. Cash is no more. Monopoly Ultimate Banking Game, which will come out this fall, is set to introduce four bank cards that can be used to make payments and transfer properties. Other editions of Monopoly—of which there are many—will continue to use cash for now, because the future of banking is not for everyone; you have to buy it. (Correction: A 2006 version of the game, aptly named Monopoly Electric Banking Edition, introduced a similar vision of electric payments. Most versions, however,…


Monopoly should be less bad now that it’s crowdsourcing a new rulebook

Monopoly is, factually speaking, a bad game. But now the boardgame about greedy banking is trying to set things right after all those yawn-inducing living room snooze-fests, which doubtlessly soured millions of Americans to the pastime of boardgaming before they reached the age of consent. Hasbro, the owner, has launched a campaign to allow fans to haggle over which rules should be changed, because no one ever plays by the rules anyway.  The parley is going down on Monopoly’s Facebook page, but the ten rule changes up for consideration won’t exactly set the board on fire. They include: landing on…