Horror comedy in videogames isn’t given enough credit

He recently passed away, but in his 90 years on earth Herschell Gordon Lewis claims that he had been approached on two occasions to direct a snuff film. The idea didn’t amuse him. During an interview with Alexandra West from Diabolique Magazine, he said such a thing wasn’t “worthy of a thought.” “I regard that as too far back in organized society,” said Lewis in his genuinely golden voice, which narrates some of his films. He expressed that even seeing bodies on the evening news was tested his sensibilities. To Herschell Gordon Lewis, death did not appear entertaining. It would…


An eating disorder support group gives women in games more "realistic" body shapes

It’s no secret that media’s treatment of female bodies is all around terrible. But for videogames and other animated media, the idealizing of women’s bodies presents some uniquely awkward issues (have you seen the breast physics?) For example: according to the 2013 Game Developer Magazine survey, only 16% of gaming’s artists are female. That means 84% of the people creating the female bodies you see in videogames have absolutely no concept of what it means to live inside a female body. It’s no surprise, then, that many of their depictions result in tone deaf designs that not only perpetuate unattainable beauty…


Mortal Kombat meets Nigerian politics in devastating satirical short

Nigeria, Africa’s largest exporter of oil, has recently been suffering from a severe oil shortage. The country’s fuel marketers and distributors have spent much of May on strike over government subsidies that have gone unpaid. In response to the strike, black market fuel prices have soared beyond the government’s mandated levels and businesses have suspended their operations. Even though the strike officially came to an end on Monday, Reuters reports that African telecom giant MTN Group is struggling to resume operations in Nigeria. Oil shortages, particularly when they are accompanied by broader troubles, are not normally occasions for mirth. But…