Kôna invites you to investigate an abandoned town in 1970s Canada

The most striking thing about the new trailer for Kôna, an upcoming surreal mystery game from Parabole, is its narration. It has this really odd, stilted intonation that I can’t quite place; the boom and quirk of old timey radio announcer meets the uncanny poetry of The Residents. Whatever it is, I like it. It sets such a strange tone for the rest of the video, which is just as good: as we learn from our dramatic narrator, you play as a Korean War veteran named Carl Faubert who ventures into the Northern Canadian wilderness to investigate a bout of…


Profiles of the Forgotten is "a videogame within a movie"

“Have you ever loved someone so much, that you could step out of time?” These are the words that introduce Profiles of the Forgotten, a project that lies somewhere between a traditional game and a film. The first project by Los Angeles developer Pablo Leon-Luna, Profiles of the Forgotten is described simply as “a videogame within a movie. A gothic fantasy.” The cinematic experience follows Jason, a young man returning to his family’s lake house to visit his stepsister, only to find that she refuses to speak to him any other way but through computer. As his attempts to reach…


The astonishing riddle that started inside Trials Evolution ended up spanning the globe

The racing game Trials Evolution was released for Xbox 360 in the spring of 2012. It was well reviewed. It sold reasonably well. It was notable in the sense that all games are notable to someone. Then something strange happened. Actually, a lot of strange things happened. Wooden planks inscribed with letters could be found within the game world. Combined, those planks contained an encrypted code. Once deciphered, that code revealed a secret move, which revealed a song, which…you can see where this is going. Trials Evolution is the Matryoshka doll of riddles. the Matryoshka doll of riddles.  A group…