These shoes prove that in the future we will all dress like PlayStation 1 characters

United Nude has produced an experimental heeled shoe that can be 3D-printed and assembled at home by anyone aiming to look like a 1994 Yu Suzuki character. The low-poly footwear is produced in three pieces: first the blocky main portion, then a toe, then a heel portion. DIY cobblers then fit the three pieces together, as seen below. This assembly is part-necessity, given that all of the pieces are supposed to be produceable in a small home 3D printer, but United Nude utilized the juxtaposition for aesthetic effect, too: “The fact that the shoe is made out of three parts actually…


These low-poly animal sculptures are straight out of a PS1 game

The New Aesthetic continues its synthetic, eye-catching overgrowth into the natural world with these striking statues by Ben Foster. They may have a low poly count, but that just makes his sculptures of PS1-era dogs, horses, and marine mammals stand out all the more from rustic, snowcapped backdrops of New Zealand. The animal forms are actually constructed of white aluminum, not polygons, but it’s nice to imagine that all those creatures trapped behind the screens of your favorite games have been released. Run free, Epona. Run free! You can check out the rest of his work on his website.

Lotus Motorcyles C-01

This Tron-inspired bike brings 80s cyberspace to street races

It’s no coincidence that Lotus’s new motorcycle the C-01 looks like a light cycle from Tron: It was designed by Daniel Simon, the automotive futurist who redesigned the iconic bikes in Tron: Legacy. Note the elongated unibody, the large prominent tires, and the severe forward position that the rider assumes. All Tron.  This is a beautiful piece of engineering and an equally beautiful example of life influencing art, influencing art, influencing life. When Tron first appeared in theaters in the ‘80s, it was a blockbuster about virtual reality—Hollywood’s flashy attempt to predict the videogames of the future. That game-like aesthetic…


The most Googled stories of 2013 told through videogames, French edition

The world of French politics is filled with violence, sex scandals, and intrigue, pretty much like everywhere else in the world. So what better way to recap the buzziest stories in France in 2013 than by compiling a montage of scenes from violent, sexy videogames?  That’s what digital creation students at la Sorbonne did with this short film “Les Temps Modernes,” and the juxtapositions are frequently startling. Watch on with cognitive dissonance as nearly recognizable, fun games are mashed up with tabloid fodder such as Jerome Cahuzac’s tax evasion and Silvio Berlusconi’s prostitution sting. As a side note, I’m canceling…