The New York Times wants you to "experience" its stories with virtual reality

The New York Times has a new virtual reality offering—and no, it isn’t called Jayson Blair. NYT VR, which launched last weekend, is a new storytelling venture or, as The Grey Lady calls it with alarming frequency, an “experience.” Using the NYT VR app, you can view (experience?) video stories with a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset or by simply moving the phone around in front of your face. The New York Times’ VR stories can also be viewed in a more traditional panoramic web video form. Something approaching VR for everyone! The first major story to appear on NYT…


Actual Sunlight creator announces new game about our impending financial doom

According to researchers, the year 2031 will bring with it a shift in the economy that might render this country unrecognizable. They’re calling it the “inheritance bubble,” a product of ultra-wealthy baby boomers leaving behind sizable chunks (over 35% of America’s total net worth) for their children to spend and squander. the United States might look a little more like aristocratic Europe  Though there’s been lots of talk of the inheritance bubble, researchers still anxiously await its pop, uncertain about what America will look like afterward. But the New York Times reported on some predictions, warning us to “get ready for…


Delta’s meme-ified safety video signals the end of days (of sincerity)

Memes are to our generation what boomboxes and Marty McFly’s red vest are to the ’80s. First, they become icons, encapsulating the pop culture of an entire era in just one image. Then they become camouflage for out of touch content-creators salivating over the coveted 18-29 demographic, as they cry, “IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!” Delta Airlines’ “Internetest safety video on the Internet” at first seems like just another case of tone-deaf-company-itis. But, in reality, its much more insidious than that. Featuring everyone from the screaming Taylor Swift goat to doge himself, the “safety video” reads more…


At 1 World Trade Center, history and elevators make for an awkward pairing

There are things you want to see while locked in an elevator. And then there’s the sight of the neighboring skyscraper suddenly disappearing from the skyline. The elevators leading to 1 World Trade Center’s observatory offer both. This is not a malicious prank. As they ascend to the 102nd floor, the building’s five elevators display a carefully rendered time lapse of New York City’s rise. That ascent, like the elevator’s, is a linear progression. Thus, at ground level, the elevator’s show the city’s first buildings rising out of the dirt. Single story buildings grow into multi-story buildings, which, in turn,…


Ace Hotel and The New York Times teach you how to solve crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are the perfect meditation for the modern logophile. Imagine a world where people could come together in a studio-like setting in order to solve crossword puzzles in complete harmony. Puzzles over poses. Coffee instead of yoga mats. Ace Hotel and the New York Times are hosting a winter series called “Pencils Up, New York” featuring tips and tricks on how to perfect your crossword puzzle-solving skills. Your dreams are coming true! Someone from the New York Times will be in the Ace Hotel Lobby hosting a crossword puzzle group-solve event, and you get to play along using either…