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Lonely dwarf planet Pluto finally finds love as Noby Noby Girl arrives

It’s been a rough ride for Pluto ever since it was demoted in 2006 by the no-good scientists who deemed it unworthy of the proper “planet” classification. It lost its confidence, became altogether uninterested in life, and has been revolving in its own sorrow ever since. After the demotion, all of Pluto’s accomplishments were diminished by the “dwarf” planet prefix. No matter what it did—whether completing an orbit around the sun or being visited by a spacecraft—big brother Neptune and his ilk would always outshine him (you know, since they’re closer to the sun). Fear no more the heat of the…


Noby Noby Girl reaches Neptune; earthbound Boys rejoice

Around March 9th, 2014, GIRL became the first worm-like quadrupedal videogame character launched from Earth to reach Neptune. She did this thanks to the untold hours of hard work by players of Noby Noby Boy, Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi’s game about stretching, which allowed players to submit their “total amount of stretching” points to a global pool. This pool determined how far the spacefaring GIRL, in turn, had traveled, unlocking new levels as she reached each planet. Despite developer estimates of one to two weeks, players collected enough points for GIRL to reach the moon within four days. The last milestone was…


Push Me Pull You is like Noby Noby Boy crossed with Human Centipede

Our intern David said Push Me Pull You reminded him of Human Centipede, which kept me from clicking the link for a good two days. But it turns out this was my mistake. It’s closer in spirit to Noby Noby Boy, a weird if non-eventful game about a cuddly caterpillar-looking-thing that you could stretch and bend and tie in bows.  Push Me Pull You is kind of like that, only rethought as a freakish multiplayer sports game. Maybe I should just quote the webpage. Ahem. “A 2v2 sports game where you and your partner control the two heads of a…