Okay our actual favorite story ever: Notch pays $46k for rare Aphex Twin album

Notch is just awesome. The creator of Minecraft has paid an outlandish sum of $46,300 at auction for an extremely rare, unreleased pressing of an album by electronic music pioneer Aphex Twin. The album first had emerged on an online auction site. The Internet freaked out because it was never-before-heard music during a peak period of creativity for Aphex Twin falling into the hands of a private collector. Fans convinced the seller to host a Kickstarter campaign to sell digital copies of the album before he sold the original artifact. And then Notch swooped in and bought the original vinyl…


Notch’s new one is either satire of Steam Early Access, or just a game about horses

Cliffhorse—Notch’s new horse-trotting sim where all you do is run over green hills—is perhaps a riveting work of irony ridiculing lazy, unfinished games on Steam Early Access. Or maybe the Minecraft creator just has a thing for horses walking sideways on cliffs. Either way, it’s a new game from Notch, so we should pay attention.  Admittedly the first theory is more interesting. Nothing against strong, solid-hoofed mammals. It’s just Notch’s message on the Cliffhorse domain jests about buying “early access’” and that there’s no guarantee of future updates, seeming to call out the newfangled service that lets eager beavers pay…


I’ve got 99 problems but Notch’s new game about existential dread isn’t one

The bowler-hat-wearing, dubstep-bash-throwing Minecraft creator created a quick little game about exploring the squirmy mental content of a nihilist. Coded for the latest Ludum Dare game jam, Drowning in Problems is sort of an existential take on the Cookie Clicker genre. This text-based, choice-laden leveling system tells a story about all the drawbacks of having an highly-intelligent, post-Descartes, over-thinking brain, skill point by skill point. In any case, the game is sweet and worth your time and totally adds a thoughtful dimension to the new class of spreadsheet games like Candy Box. You can play it here.


Minecraft gets a Simpsons intro. What’s next, Notch on MTV Spring Break?

Is there any bigger indicator that a person or product has made it than getting featured in a Simpsons intro? Well, Minecraft has crossed that threshold and joined the upper echelon of pop culture. Last night, during the opening credits, the familiar logo was, uh, somewhat cleverly replaced with the words “The Simcraft.” The scene that followed, which is by now burned into our unconscious—Homer and Bart and Maggie and crew bum-rushing the garage in a mad dash for the couch—was rendered in blocky cubes in a tribute to the mega-popular gazebo-building game. True, The Simpsons is not what it used…


Modern folk hero Notch continues to walk lonely road of truth

Markus Persson, Minecraft creator and final incorruptible soul of our degraded age, has walked tall against the corporation men once again. After learning of the purchase of Oculus Rift by Facebook—perhaps by listening to the mournful cries of prairie coyotes—the man called Notch spoke out in the candid style that has made his reputation as the last of the straight shooters. “Facebook has a history of caring about building user numbers, and nothing but building user numbers,” said that clear-eyed drifter of the corporate badlands. They are not makers, these soft-handed people from Menlo Park; they cannot dig a hole…