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Stupid Hackathon celebrates the creativity of useless tech

San Francisco’s residents can’t escape the blossoming tech start-up culture, no matter how hard they try. It’s a strange place where it’s not out of the ordinary to hear of another “techie” (an affectionate term San Franciscans use for the influx of tech workers) pitching their app to an unassuming local at a public place, be it yet another dating app or a Yelp-esque knock off. Apps and start-ups are everywhere in San Francisco—techies alongside ‘em, fiending to throw their business cards at you even while you’re enjoying a Japanese curry at the city’s outskirts. The most bewildering part of living…


This demented MacBook is only happy if you shoot yourself in the head

Update 10/31/14: Hey Reddit! You can read more about this project and the NYU MFA program here. If you like what you see, consider following us on Twitter or Feedly for more stories from the intersection of games, art, and culture.  Yesterday, we wrote up NYU Game Center’s student showcase, and one of the stars of the show was Lie to the Devil, a really cool, severely troubling game where a player sits down with a sinister MacBook that tries to con them into putting a bullet in their head.  No real bullets are involved, because that would be murder, but…