evening of modern dance 2

QWOP goes avant-garde in this silly dancing game

I’ll admit upfront that I’m a terrible dancer. Not the kind of terrible that is actually cute. I’m talking the real, awkward kind of terrible. I blame it on being tall. It’s just not easy to make limbs in these proportions move cohesively the way I’d like them to. Maybe that’s why An Evening of Modern Dance caught my attention—it’s easy to see a bit of myself in its hilariously floundering dancers. An Evening of Modern Dance follows in the tumbling footsteps of QWOP (2008) and Octodad (2010), this time bringing ragdoll physics to the stage. Made for Ludum Dare 32 by…


Oculus Rift game about hitchhiking zombies takes Best in Show in Kyoto

The Oculus Rift game Modern Zombie Taxi Driver has taken top spot at Bit Summit, the indie game festival in Kyoto. Yes, there is such a thing as Japanese independent games. Not much info is out there on this zombie-bussing game so far aside from a hands-on impression by Destructoid, which says that its basically the Sega’s open-world racer Crazy Taxi with zombies in virtual reality. This admittedly sounds great because, I mean, it’s Crazy Taxi with zombies in virtual reality.  Over on its developer’s Vitei site, there’s also this gallery of pictures of zombies riding uncomfortably in cars, which…