E3 2016

Let us now consider the menswear at E3—2016 edition

We still live in a glorious time for mediocre fashion. Russell Westbrook notwithstanding, all it takes for a man to be deemed a good dresser is baseline competence: if your clothes vaguely fit, you’re stylish. This, incidentally, is the bigotry of low expectations or, to use a trendier term: male privilege. So, here we are: another year of unimaginative fashion; another year of officialdom-sanctioned apathy under the aegis of “normcore”; another year of E3. Sigh. You can probably see where this is going. In true Kill Screen fashion, this review will involve scores. Let’s begin. Here, for your sartorial pleasure, is one…


Everything’s (not) alright on the VR front, apparently

On the occasion of CES, the annual “consumer” electronics extravaganza in Las Vegas, murmurs started to be heard about whether virtual reality headsets were all that useful, particularly at the prices at which they are being sold. Better late than never. CNN, however, is here to distract from the doom and gloom with an article cheerfully entitled “Google Cardboard saves baby’s life.” When you put it that way, VR sure sounds like money well spent. Granted, that title is somewhat hyperbolic. VR’s corporeal presence did not save a baby’s life all on its own. Rather, it allowed doctors at Miami’s…


"Virtual reality is an antisocial tech," Grand Theft Auto publisher says

Obviously, virtual reality is a pretty hot topic in games these days. We dedicated an entire issue to it. But now the head honcho at Take-Two, publisher of GTA and a whole stable of quality games, has put a bit of a damper on the optimism.  Speaking to Bloomberg, CEO Strauss Zelnick said that donning an Oculus Rift virtual reality mask to explore virtual worlds is being isolationist. And I quote: “It is an antisocial technology.” “A lot of people who play videogames, for example my kids, they play with their friends sitting next to them, and so that technology…


Palmer Luckey says VR will save us from our covetous consumerist lifestyles

At present, consumer-grade virtual reality is largely focused on putting you in a game space and blowing shit up, but it may one day be used to sate our appetite for luxury goods like Dior handbags and Audi R8s. That’s what Oculus founder Palmer Luckey said at an expo in California recently, getting all futurist about how widespread VR entertainment has the potential to make the world a better, less consumerist place.  The gist of his idea is that while there is a scarcity of stuff in the real world, in VR anyone can drive a Porsche. “If virtual reality…


Palmer Luckey on why the Facebook merger makes VR’s future even brighter

The reaction to the news of Facebook buying Oculus Rift could be classified as reactionary, as reactions tend to be. But according to Rift founder Palmer Luckey, there are some very good reasons to be enthused about the buyout. Talking with the Reddit community, Luckey explained how the move will only make the little VR helm that could that much more awesome and relevant.  The first part is obvious. With the publicity of the merger, more eyes and ears have been piqued by virtual reality in the past 24 hours than probably in 24 years; it’s easily virtual reality’s biggest…