The documentary on That Dragon, Cancer is an invitation to play through grief

You can catch an excerpt screening of Thank You For Playing at Kill Screen’s one-night film fest at the Two5Six conference in May /// There’s a scene in Thank You For Playing, a documentary capturing the emotional journey behind the creation of That Dragon, Cancer, which summarizes both projects pretty aptly. On the second day of shooting ever, directors David Osit and Malika Zouhali-Worrall documented the two-person dev team (Ryan Green and Josh Larson) showcasing their game at PAX Prime East 2013. Co-director David Osit describes the experience as the “first time we ever fully realized how special what they were creating was.” Both he and Malika began working on…


A room full of rowdy people getting hype for Star Citizen’s in-game footage

Star Citizen is quickly becoming something of a big deal. Sure, the $41 million raised is impressive, for a crowdfunding campaign. But what finally convinced me that this spiritual salute to Wing Commander has escaped the echo chamber of the Internet into broader culture was when a random stranger I met at a pizzeria asked me, “Do you know about this Star Citizen game?” Her boyfriend was obsessed, she said.  Apparently there were plenty of people like her boyfriend at PAX East this morning, hooting and chanting and yelling “woo” as the developer demoed the game in action for the…