Artists are turning to voxels to make the familiar feel new

On February 21, 1986, Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda was first released in Japan. This week, to celebrate the game’s 30th anniversary, series fans Scott Liniger and Mike McGee took to browser to release a complete 3D remake of the first game titled The Legend of Zelda: 30 Year Tribute. Unfortunately, Nintendo has since pulled the project, but what’s notable about it is how it used voxels to make the familiar world of a decades-old game feel new again. Short for “volumetric pixels,” voxels are an oft-forgotten method of rendering 3D worlds that have nonetheless been making a comeback as…


New PBS Game/Show asks if Twitch is actually making us worse at games

We’re all in agreement that Twitch is a beautiful thing. The ability to display your skills while streaming games in front of a live audience on the Internet has proven endlessly entertaining. There’s no denying that.  But here’s the rub: what if all those eyes intensely glaring at their screens just waiting for you to fail actually makes you worse of games?  In this week’s episode, Jamin posits the pros and cons of playing in front of spectators. And while at times crowds bring out the best in us, it looks like we’re due for a large upswing in epic…


New PBS Game/Show asks if the death of net neutrality will be bad for games

In one word: yes. It could be terrible!!! As you may know, the FCC is currently considering new legislation that could radically jeopardize the Internet we know and love. But you may not have considered the implications this would have on the medium of videogames. These days, games are pretty much inseparable from the Web. Simply put, games are sold, played, and streamed online. So what would happen to a community or service like League of Legends, PlayStation Network, or Steam if the Internet providers get their way and are allowed to throttle our access to specific domains? Watch the…


New PBS Game/Show looks at their favorite games of E3

In case you got lost in the desert or your Internet has been down all week, the mecca of videogame expos E3 was held in LA this week. Jamin was there basking in the glow of several thousand games being played simultaneously. In fact he’s still out West, so for this week’s PBS Game/Show episode he fills us in on his favorite games of the show. Are his the same as yours?  Watch the episode to find out, please subscribe, and let us know what you think in the comments!