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Persona 5 has a lot of new footage and it looks so good y’all

I’m already in love with Persona 5. I’ve probably been in love with Persona 5 all my life, even before it was announced. Persona 3 (2006) and Persona 4 (2008) are, arguably, two of the greatest games of all time. Hell, Persona 3 is my personal favorite game of all time. The Persona series, starting from P3 on, lovingly meshed social sim elements with traditional RPG dungeon crawling— garnering widespread critical and commercial admiration. With its fourth-chronological installment (technically, Persona 3), the Persona series became bold and unlike anything else in the RPG realm. Whereas, the first few games in the…

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The creator of Persona on life, Japanese culture, and the unconscious

This article is part of a collaboration with iQ by Intel. In the crowded world of Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs), the critically acclaimed Persona series has stood out for a decade and counting. Defying conventions established by other popular franchises like Final Fantasy, the series forgoes the usual swords and sorcery for something closer to home. Using subtle surrealism instead, Persona layers its more fantastical elements with social commentary. Players venture into a strange, shadowy world hidden behind their television screens, where enemies are a unique blend of the psychological and supernatural. “The Persona series addresses problems that people hold deep in their hearts,” said Katsura Hashino, the…


Shin Megami Tensei comes to iOS March 18th, makes waiting for Persona 5 almost bearable

Persona 5 may seem like an eternity or two away, but Atlus feels your pain. So they’re bringing a port of the original Shin Megami Tensei to iOS on March 18th, which kinda makes up for things. You can think of SMT as Persona’s cigarette-smoking older sister. The difference between the two franchises is that, while Persona has went down the dating sim route with positive messages for depressed youth, SMT is just plain nihilistic, with game systems that encourage greed and betrayal and making friends with demons. Digital demons. Not real ones. An important distinction. Even though it’s a…


We could be dead by the time Persona 5 gets here

Time to start eating right. Seriously. After Atlus announced yesterday that Persona 5 was coming to North America for PS3, yes PS3, in 2015, I just hope I’m still alive and kicking when it gets here. I could suffer a drawn-out terminal illness and be long gone by the time it appears. Or more likely my PS3 could die. Atlus seems sympathetic to the lag, thankfully, and are bringing out a whole slew of Persona titles for North America while we emaciate, uh, I mean wait. These include Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth (a Persona-fied Etrian Odyssey) and Persona…