Le Petit Architecte

Celebrate Swiss architect Le Corbusier by defacing one of his masterpieces

What better way to celebrate it being 50 years since influential Swiss architect Le Corbusier’s death than redesigning his famous Villa Savoye? Oh, not actually, of course. We couldn’t possibly bear to spoil what is considered by many to be one of the keystones of modern architecture (and also an official French historical monument). We’re talking videogames here. Yes, it’s their easily-reset worlds that allow us to enjoy reckless fantasies without consequence (usually), so why not employ them to deface a prestigious villa that sits on the edge of Paris? This is the concept of a new project by Greek-born Theo Triantafyllidis, who…


A beautiful 3D platformer to celebrate our worship of coffee

It’s almost surprising that there isn’t a giant Starbucks logo to be found among the pastel-colored environments of Caffeine shown in its first trailer. If it were made back in the ’90s, during the height of the genre it belongs to—the 3D platformer collect-a-thon—it would likely have some form of corporate backing. Like that Zool platformer I played on my DOS computer; the Chupa Chups logo shining like a flowery beacon next to the candy cane meadows and green jello mountains. I was four, maybe five, and highly impressionable. I licked a lot of lollipops that summer. But Caffeine isn’t from that…

tick tock isle

Go back in time to save time in the adorable Tick Tock Isle

Described as a spiritual successor to the delightful Cat Poke, Tick Tock Isle is a point and click adventure game that doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel—and it’ll charm the pants out of anyone who thinks that wheel is outdated or boring. The demo was originally released four years ago by the duo of Jason Boyer and Ryan Pietz. “We spent an entire summer designing our biggest game yet,” Boyer writes on his blog. “Unfortunately, we didn’t have anyone to program it beyond a demo, so it lingered in our unfulfilled dreams folder.” Finally in April 2015, they decided to “make our dream a reality and…


Play the platformer hidden behind your desktop

Did you know that there’s an entire platformer hidden beneath your desktop? Alright, it isn’t there right now. But if you go ahead and download Simon Milfred’s game Omni there will be. It brings a delightful twist to the windows that we use to peer into software and the internet on our PCs. The idea is to guide a monk named Omni across the 2D environments inside your computer to rid it of a virus (no, not a real virus). But the only way you can see Omni is through a small window on your desktop that he’s keeping open by…


Mushroom 11’s new trailer demonstrates growth through destruction

It’s amazing how far Mushroom 11 has come from its original 2012 prototype. The theme of that year’s Global Game Jam was an image of the Ouroboros, a serpent eating its own tail. Creators Itay Keren and Julia Keren-Detar took this concept of cyclicality and gave it new life in Mushroom 11, which put you in control of a constantly regenerating blob that must shed parts of itself to move forward. In that first prototype, the only obstacle was moving from platform to platform, but Mushroom 11 as it is today, over three years later and set to launch on…


The King’s Bird looks like one of the most graceful platformers yet

The feeling of movement is arguably the most important thing in a platformer. Super Meat Boy’s outrageous complexity might not be as engaging if its hero weren’t so smoothly controlled, and Thomas Was Alone was granted mounds more character by the sheer perfection of its jump button alone. “a strong focus on the beauty of movement and nature”  That said, there aren’t enough side-scrollers that can set aside the traditional puzzling or platforming associated with the structure and just focus on making the movement itself at the core of the experience. If its new trailer is anything to go off…