Y02SumMovieJ - For FriMag - THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE - David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprise their roles from the legendary television series as, respectively, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Photo credit: Diyah Pera/© 2008 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Maximum width 80.91 picas at 200 dpi. 4/28/08

The glorious return of The X-Files, TV’s greatest science show

There was one point in my life where I thought about becoming a member of the FBI. In the months prior to my graduation from college, I had decided that I could put the 200+ hours that I had invested into The X-Files to good use. Of course, after I learned of the trials and tribulations one had to go through to get there (like a fitness test, and the ability to overcome the fear of being near a gun), my weak noodle arms and I dropped the idea. I also played with the idea of becoming a Ufologist for a…


Twin Souls, because ninjas and stealth games were made for each other

The first thing you notice about Twin Souls is that it’s very dark, in a pitch black sort of way. And though you can barely make him out in the screenshot, buried in the darkness is a shadow ninja killing sensei in a very vengeful way. This can only mean one thing: this hot-looking Kickstarter project from dev Lince Works is a stealthy ninja action game with a deemphasis on the blockbuster-y action and a surplus of stealthy ninja-ing. It’s clearly a love letter to the old PS1 and 2 era franchise Tenchu, which still gets a sequel on occasion. But…


Cex’s rad new electronic record comes in a grimy old Gamestop case

The electronic artist Cex’s new record is a soundtrack for a PlayStation 2 game that doesn’t exist, and the music seems similarly outside of physical space. Shamaneater is sample-heavy, low-key electronica filed under the sub-genre of vaporware—hyperreal, beat-bumping tunes as imagined by purveyors of obscure sounds. Think smooth jazz, lounge, maybe PlayStation 2 samples.  As far as the music quality, this album is really fucking nice, but you wouldn’t know it from the cover art. It comes repackaged in authentic secondhand jackets recycled from Gamestop—you know, the kind that stand in for long lost boxes of traded-in copies of Burnout.…