Portal 2

Portal 2 experiment results in beautiful wormhole art

Dear Chell, Where have you gone? This is your fault. You chose this path. The Aperture Science testing environment has been proven entirely safe for each test subject. Yet your typical violent behavior towards the equipment has proven that false. I’d just like to point out that you were given every opportunity to succeed. There was even going to be a party for you. There was going to be cake. Are you dead? I told you: When you’re dead I will be still alive. I said that. Remember? I warned you. I did. It was not a lie. Now you…


Shop class gets algorithmic and metaphysical with cube-within-a-cube mod

We don’t often get the chance to talk woodworking here at Kill Screen, but this instructional video on how to cut a block of wood into a square that is suspended inside another square—also a block of wood—lets us dream of a nerdy foray into the industrial arts we never knew.  You may think master carpenter Steve Ramsey has used some wood-working legerdemain such as carefully reconstructing the outer cube with glue to fit the little one in there, but not so! As we see in this tutorial, all it takes is some skill, patience, and forethought with the drill…