Here is the old Bernie Sanders videogame that we aren’t ready to forget

Melancholia is meant to be seen on the largest screen possible. Reruns of Law and Order SVU are meant to be seen on your laptop. Puppy gifs are meant to be seen on your phone. (OK, that’s a lie. Puppy gifs are meant to be seen anywhere and everywhere.) From each according to its content, to each according to its screen.  a sentient dad joke who can play his part in memes  The optimal context for Bernie Sanders’ content is the Internet Archive’s “Way Back Machine,” a digital place in which everything takes on the quality of recent history. By virtue…


Forget Donald. The Contender stages your own, better presidential debate

The Contender is a tabletop game that combines the rhetoric of political campaigns and the mechanics of Cards Against Humanity, all of which raises a thorny interpretive question: Would tonight’s second Republican presidential debate be improved if it were replaced by a televised game of The Contender? To answer this question, let us consider the rules of each debate. CNN’s primetime debate and the straggler’s undercard that precede it surely have rules, which probably involve speaking times and not interrupting others. If history is any indicator, those rules will probably be ignored by at least one of the candidates, and…


Kill Screen’s official favorite presidents

We here at Kill Screen have the highest respect for the highest office in the land. So we thought in honor of President’s Day we’d merge our twin enthusiasms for games and executive orders.  – – – Perhaps Hilary has a chance in 2016 after all? She might if she follows in the footsteps of this female Commander-in-Chief… although a giant mech may not be a significant part of Ms. Clinton’s platform. The protagonist of Goichi Suda’s Liberation Maiden, from the Guild 01 collection for 3DS, Shoko Ozora is truly a president for a new era. One hundred years fron now, she’ll…