SUPERHYPERCUBE finds common ground between Tetris and Blade Runner

VR had me skeptical, but then again, I’m pretty much always skeptical of new gaming technology. Similarly, when Microsoft’s Kinect rolled around, so too did my eyeballs, right into the back of my skull. I can lazily holler at my Xbox to turn on? Big deal. With VR, I could scan my entire surroundings and yet stay encompassed in another dimension? So what. My perception of VR was comparable to what the editors at Time thought when putting the creator of the Oculus Rift on their cover in that goofy pose: that VR was probably silly. Then I played a…


Whateverland brings explorable art to personal VR

Designers at Lucid Trips have announced Whateverland, a game world that is also a virtual reality art gallery, allowing players to explore on personal VR devices. Players will be able to propel themselves as a pair of dissociated arms through a colorful “Dreamplanet” and interact with pieces that can be later bought in the form of a 3D print. The gallery will feature the work of prominent German artists Gero Doll, Rolf Bergmeier, Neo Rauch, and Daim. a more immersive “flying” experience.  The designers hope to make their project cross-platform—inclusive of Oculus Touch, HTC Vive & Lighthouse, and Sony’s Project…


Harmonix’s virtual reality game is a music "spatializer"

Harmonix reckons it’s time for the music visualizer to go about a big change. That’s probably about right. For an electronic art that’s almost as old as videogames it’s a wonder how it’s managed to remain so close to its roots in abstract shape-making. Did you know that the first commercial electronic music visualizer was created by the same guy who developed the home version of Pong, way back in 1976? The two mediums have always been intertwined. And so, as videogames make what seems to be a firm leap into virtual reality, Harmonix wants to bring music visualization into this…