Proteus Artifact Edition

Proteus: Artifact Edition brings the game’s pastoral landscapes into your home

At first glance, there would seem to be nothing more tangible than a landscape. An arrangement of physical objects, spread out before you, traversable, understandable, concrete in every sense. Yet when you start to think of a specific landscape, things start to cloud. What is a landscape if not the play of light on a hillside, the gathering of clouds on a horizon, the mood of the image as seen through your eyes, in your time, with your colors? All of these things are transient, unfixed, perhaps impossible to repeat. A landscape as a formation might be concrete, but a…


Forest of Sleep is like a Russian storybook come to life, by creator of Proteus

Described as an “experimental storytelling/adventure game inspired by Russian fairytales,” Forest of Sleep is a collaboration by Proteus creator Ed Key, artist Nicolai Troshinsky, and a few others. A few glimpses of its storybook-style art hit Twitter last week, but now there’s a new website revealing more information about the game’s unique take on adventure games. dynamically improvised short stories  Besides its art, the big thing about Forest of Sleep is the way it combines story elements to produce what its creators describe as “dynamically improvised short stories.” Since the team at Twisted Tree Games are still speaking about it…