The follow-up to the wonderful, slept-on Forget-Me-Not is headed to the Vita

There is a sequel on the distant horizon for Forget-Me-Not, coming to PS Vita, where it can take advantage of that pristine little screen. In case you haven’t been introduced, the first was an iOS favorite from a few years ago—a grind-heavy roguelike disguised as a broken arcade game crawling with twisty, crawly, slimy, square things. I thought it was exquisite. It also made our 2011 High Scores list. The new game looks pretty similar to the previous, which is a good thing. You look to be eating dots and unlocking doors and avoiding hostile insects as you plunge deeper into randomly drawn…


Let’s gawk at Hyper Light Drifter’s preposterously hot pixel art

We already knew action-role-player Hyper Light Drifter was easy on the eyes. That was a done deal. But this new trailer really hammers the point home.  In case you missed the Kickstarter campaign that blew up last year, this gorgeous showpiece of pixel art is also a game, and judging from the footage of slashing and gunning we see here, a fine one. It follows a teleporting crusader tailed by an amicable drone through an advanced society collapsing in the ruin of mutant fossils, e-waste, and genetically engineered bio-freaks in incubators. Obvious differences aside, it’s kinda giving me a Secret…