The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian’s development cycle now overlaps the Obama administration

Three yards from the finish line, The Last Guardian has been delayed again. Put down your torch—it’s still within grasp. Just a bump from the end of October to the beginning of December, an amount of time that seems so puny at this point it barely feels worth getting upset about. It just means that The Last Guardian won’t be available before Halloween, before Thanksgiving, or before the US presidential election. Oddly enough, President Barack Obama was sworn in the same year that The Last Guardian was announced, mere months before. Of course, the game was being worked on before…


Don’t worry: The Last Guardian is still coming out in 2016

When we last saw the Fumito Ueda-directed The Last Guardian, it was E3 of last year. The sun was shining, as it often is in Los Angeles, and the tweet-buzz was chirping. The long-anticipated follow-up to Ico (2001) and Shadow of the Colossus (2005) wasn’t dead after all. Prior to the surprise trailer, all that we had heard about the game was from reassuring rumor-mongering whispers, hushed reassurances from Sony that the game was not dead and gone. Now, in a cover story with Edge magazine, new details have emerged about the title, including a firmer 2016 release window (though still no…


Teen ghost story Oxenfree to get new endings in upcoming Director’s Cut

Originally released for Windows, Mac, and Xbox One back in January, teen horror adventure game Oxenfree is now coming to the PlayStation 4 on May 31st as Oxenfree: Director’s Cut. It’ll come complete with a bevy of new features to find in its New Game+ mode, including new dialogue, new areas to explore, and new alternate endings to discover. While the PS4 version will already have all of this content included at launch, Steam and Xbox One players need not worry, as they will also receive the New Game+ mode in an update on the same day. “Upon completing the story once,…


Salt and Sanctuary has soul

Salt is an essential part of our biology. It helps regulate fluid balance between cells. Our entire system of nerves and muscles is designed around the special electrochemical properties of salt. Too much salt and we die. Too little salt and we die. It’s the perfect metaphor for the kind of complex equilibrium Salt and Sanctuary likes to brutally enforce. Get too aggressive and you die. Give into cautious hesitation and you die. Learn to navigate the invisible rhythms in-between these two extremes, though, and something beautiful happens. It’s a construct familiar to anyone who’s subjected themselves to the punishing…


The bizarre, Burton-esque JRPG that almost got away returns on PS4

Okage: Shadow King (2001) was always the game that barely slipped away. The game Hot Topic would have capitalized on, had it discovered it in time. The game I (now regretfully) sold as a teen for store credit to put towards buying a PlayStation 3. Yet now, despite the odds, Okage is back. When it was announced a few days ago that Okage was coming to PlayStation 4 through the platform’s PS2-to-PS4 emulation, my brain tickled with fond but long-forgotten memories of the cult classic that never entirely faded away. Okage: Shadow King is a strange title among its genre’s…


The infographics world of Metrico is being blown up for bigger screens

Metrico was released in August of last year as a PS Vita exclusive. A puzzle platformer from Dutch studio Digital Dreams, the game is set in a world of moving, living infographics. Colorful pie charts dot the landscape. Jutting line graphs become three dimensional mountains in the backdrop. Bar graphs rise and fall in accordance with your movements. “we want more people to enjoy the world we created”  In a genre rife with stylistic sameness, Metrico took an interesting approach, albeit with mixed reception. If there’s one thing that it certainly could have used more of, though, it’s this: availability! That’s…


China issues list of censored content for console games; basically, no Persona

When we heard that China was loosening its reigns and allowing gaming consoles in the country, we figured there would be some stipulations, with everything we know about the extreme censorship behind the so-called Great Firewall. Well, we were right.  The Shanghai government has released some guidelines for game makers hoping to release games in the Asian state. It turns out there is a 20-day approval process in which game are submitted to Shanghai’s culture department, during which they are filtered for content not approved by the state.  There is a lot of forbidden fruit. The ban on racist content…


N++ trailer shows off what all those plusses mean

With its second-and-a-half sequel, N—the original keyboard-smashing, nuts-and-bolts jumper—has added another + to its belt, indicating that it’s bigger, badder, and probably harder. But also that + means it’s still the same beautifully designed platforming that you loved when avoiding trigonometry homework on your mid-aughts Dell laptop.  The Playstation Blog has a post by dev Metanet explaining all the new bells and whistles, like deathmatches and, because this is PS4, particle effects. As witnessed in photos and the trailer, the game does look very pretty, but pretty in the way that an elegant minimal design can carry an aesthetic, not…