The infographics world of Metrico is being blown up for bigger screens

Metrico was released in August of last year as a PS Vita exclusive. A puzzle platformer from Dutch studio Digital Dreams, the game is set in a world of moving, living infographics. Colorful pie charts dot the landscape. Jutting line graphs become three dimensional mountains in the backdrop. Bar graphs rise and fall in accordance with your movements. “we want more people to enjoy the world we created”  In a genre rife with stylistic sameness, Metrico took an interesting approach, albeit with mixed reception. If there’s one thing that it certainly could have used more of, though, it’s this: availability! That’s…


China issues list of censored content for console games; basically, no Persona

When we heard that China was loosening its reigns and allowing gaming consoles in the country, we figured there would be some stipulations, with everything we know about the extreme censorship behind the so-called Great Firewall. Well, we were right.  The Shanghai government has released some guidelines for game makers hoping to release games in the Asian state. It turns out there is a 20-day approval process in which game are submitted to Shanghai’s culture department, during which they are filtered for content not approved by the state.  There is a lot of forbidden fruit. The ban on racist content…


N++ trailer shows off what all those plusses mean

With its second-and-a-half sequel, N—the original keyboard-smashing, nuts-and-bolts jumper—has added another + to its belt, indicating that it’s bigger, badder, and probably harder. But also that + means it’s still the same beautifully designed platforming that you loved when avoiding trigonometry homework on your mid-aughts Dell laptop.  The Playstation Blog has a post by dev Metanet explaining all the new bells and whistles, like deathmatches and, because this is PS4, particle effects. As witnessed in photos and the trailer, the game does look very pretty, but pretty in the way that an elegant minimal design can carry an aesthetic, not…


Looks like live-streamers will make Daylight even more terrifying

Up till now, videogame live-streams have largely been a passive experience. Internet viewers are kept at a safe distance, where all they can do is laugh at how terrible I am at games.  But according to the official PlayStation blog, the developers of Daylight are going to change all that. Zombie Studios is experimenting with ways of inviting the savages of the online world into your carefully constructed play experience, which sounds terrifying and appropriate, considering it is a survival horror game.  While details are sparse, Zombie plans on letting viewers “control the actual scares in a streamer’s experience.” I…


Watch Jonathan Blow burn through the first ten minutes of The Witness

The Witness has remained shrouded in mystery since Jonathan Blow disdainfully revealed it a Sony conference last year. We’ve heard peeps here and there: Blow has been referring to the gameplay as pattern recognition; writer Tom Bissell was brought on and soon left the project; they hired a professional landscaper. All of this only heightened the game’s mystique. Well, this video of Blow playing through the first ten minutes of the game will demystify some things. It’s fun listening to Blow feign ignorance of how to solve his own elementary puzzles, as you know that must be hard for him.


Now that Resogun is getting DLC, there’s a reason to power on your PS4 again

We knew that somewhere, someway we’d have a good reason to fire up our PlayStation 4s again, and we were right, because Resogun is getting more content. It should be noted that we have no idea when, but let’s hope it’s soon, as we’re currently in the midst of a next-gen gaming drought the size of the Dust Bowl. When the PS4 launched in November, the slick shoot’em up offered an eye-popping tease of what the PS4 could do. Now we’re desperate for more, even if it’s just more Resogun. Although a few quality games launched alongside the system, since…