What we were playing at Ace Hotel Tuesday night

Hoops were scored, trees were pruned and two hearts were united at the Ace Hotel last Tuesday night. If you missed Playlist, our monthly public arcade, here’s what we were playing: Prune Through minimalist design and a meditative soundscape, Prune builds an atmosphere for creation rather than competition. This is a space for calm cultivation only, where a virtual garden springs forth a very real peace of mind. Where to get it Specimen If your passion involves mixing paint to attain specific tones, then Specimen should come easy to you. Is it that shade of purple you’re after? Or is…


Play free games at the Ace Hotel

Kill Screen is bringing games to the starving masses once again; make sure you come out to the Ace Hotel tomorrow night for the August edition of Playlist, our free public arcade. Local independent music label GODMODE will be DJing once again, and the bar will be stocked. This month, you can practice zen gardening with Prune, play ball from your driver’s seat with Kasketball, and explore the dark and dangerous forest of Feist. Bid goodbye to summer with some choice offerings from the weird, wonderful world of video games. Want to get on our mailing list for radical events…


What you missed at the Ace Hotel this week

We had a great time playing games at the Ace Hotel last night. In case you missed it, here’s what we showed off. Monster Dress Up In a genre usually dominated by unrealistic beauty standards born of the male gaze, Monster Dress Up finally lets us embrace our inner monster. Instead of pencil-thin skeletons, you play realistically proportioned ooze monsters, lizard girls and werewolf ladies. Where to get it: Vin Diesel DMing A Game Of D&D Just For You Action movie star Vin Diesel may be a tough guy on screen, but he’s a lovable nerd in reality, and…