Scientists figure out the optimal speed for living life

It’s one of the most tired clichés in modern life – that thanks in large part to the always-on, always-connected paradigm enabled by modern technology, American lives are busy, crazy, and unhealthy. That may well be true. But it has less to do with technology than we might think – and more interestingly, scientists are starting to get traction in uncovering the optimal speed settings for a happy life. – – – “Everybody knows” that the pace of daily life is speeding up, accelerated by the proliferation of mobile phones, tablets, WiFi and other communication technologies and by fallout from…


Should more games tell us to stop playing and do something else?

The first time I remember seeing a “take a break” message in a game was for Wii Sports. After a set duration of time, a screen popped up between rounds. “Why not take a break?” it said. “You can pause the game by pressing +.” The accompanying image is a stylized freeze-frame of passive aggression: A Wii Remote sits on a table, unheld, the wrist-strap dangling loose. Tranquil blue sky beckons from an open window. Curtains blow in the breeze. As a reminder that there’s a great big world waiting to be explored beyond your living room, you could do…


No video games allowed in this New Jersey public library

It seems that somebody at New Jersey’s Patterson Public Library system didn’t get the memo in 2011 that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of games as a form of protected expression. The library system reportedly banned people from playing computer games in the library, catching the attention of the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) in the process. Naturally, the NCAC was none too pleased, offering a letter of protest: – – – Video games are protected speech under the First Amendment and, as such, cannot be regulated or restricted by public officials in response to concerns about their message…