evening of modern dance 2

QWOP goes avant-garde in this silly dancing game

I’ll admit upfront that I’m a terrible dancer. Not the kind of terrible that is actually cute. I’m talking the real, awkward kind of terrible. I blame it on being tall. It’s just not easy to make limbs in these proportions move cohesively the way I’d like them to. Maybe that’s why An Evening of Modern Dance caught my attention—it’s easy to see a bit of myself in its hilariously floundering dancers. An Evening of Modern Dance follows in the tumbling footsteps of QWOP (2008) and Octodad (2010), this time bringing ragdoll physics to the stage. Made for Ludum Dare 32 by…


How to make soccer more entertaining? Add ragdoll physics

Americans insist that soccer is and always will be boring. And, admittedly, low-scoring games with few opportunities for commercial breaks isn’t the most ‘Murica thing ever. But defenders of soccer might point to the simple elegance of a well-executed pass, or the unparalleled tension of a final battle in the penalty box. Well, all of that—the good and the bad—gets thrown out the window in Footbrawl, a ragdoll soccer game being developed by designer Kevin Suckert. Right now, Footbrawl is just a basic prototype with lots of funny GIFs to show for it. But the potential seems, well, endless. “Its [sic] basically everything what FIFA street…


Dive Another Way is the most fun way to break your phone

When it comes to the summer olympic sports, diving might not be the first event that gets your heart pumping. After all, those incredible gymnasts have all those fancy, flashy costumes and the competitors in the 100 meter sprint appear to pull of super human feats. All in all, other events can simply dwarf how awesome and how much skill is required to pull off a perfect dive. But fear not olympic divers, because videogames are here to rescue your image. In the game jam entry Dive Another Way (by Max Wrighton, Gian Dbeis, and Remy Stuurworld), two players attempt to synchronize…


Ragdoll humor takes flight in Piloteer, a physics game about jetpack dangers

Flying a jetpack is hard in Piloteer. Comically hard. That makes your goal of convincing the people of Piloteer’s world that jetpacks are cool and safe and fun even harder—you have to actually land without injuring yourself first. Even if successful, this more often than not includes plenty of flailing around in the air, doing unintentional backflips, and almost face planting into every available surface before even beginning to orient yourself mid-air. Piloteer debuted its humorous physics-based challenges first on iOS and Android, but it’s coming to PC, Mac, and Linux next. A new trailer reveals its desktop release date…


Ragdoll Nazis make Wolfenstein 3D a comical shooter

I like shooting hands. Call it a fetish if you will.

It’s rooted in my time spent with Goldeneye 007 for the N64. It was among the first shooters to have body-hit detection, which meant you could aim the reticule at, say, an innocent scientist’s hand, fire a bullet into it, and for about a minute (maybe longer) they’d shake their arm around, and hold onto their hand as if it bore a fresh wound. This provided me hours of entertainment between the ages of eight and fourteen.