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See how far the incredible alien planet of Rain World has come

Unveiled over the weekend during PlayStation Experience, the new trailer for Rain World opens with a heavy, droning noise, and a single white slugcat, in a dark industrial world. First it states “you are alone.” Then, a moment before the cut, a question mark appears. “You are alone?” As the soundtrack blooms into a driving synth song, the world also opens up, revealing an elaborate ecosystem where the slugcat is both predator and prey. Rain World was originally funded on Kickstarter in 2014, and was slated to come out later that year. But this new trailer shows just how far…

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7 Independent Games Best Played on Big Screens

This article is part of a collaboration with iQ by Intel. Advances in technology lead to bigger, shinier games each year, but outside the mainstream flows a river of creative and entertaining independent games that play well across a variety of devices and screen sizes. Many small studios use innovative design techniques to create incredible adventures that rival games from bigger studios. They commonly deliver gorgeous pixel and 2D art without requiring a high-end computer processor and graphic chips. That means these games work across different devices, including hardware like the Intel Compute Stick, a tiny PC that plugs into TVs…

rain world

The threat music and animal sounds of Rain World

The goofy term “slugcat” has been tossed around to describe the creature you’ll control in Videocult’s upcoming game Rain World for a couple of years now. Due to its unique ecosystem set on an industrial planet that’s ravaged by bone-crushing downpours for most of the year (the game takes place during the brief dry season), describing the things that flap, squirm, and leap around Rain World is a task. Imagine, then, trying to apply not words but audio to match everything found on this alien planet. Well, you don’t need to, as a recent Kickstarter update (the game was successfully funded back…


Rain World shows off its eerie locales with new videos

Strange crops. Horror grass. The Wall. The names are bizarre enough alone, evocative of Roadside Picnic‘s hellish anomalies, but this isn’t the world of the Strugatsky brothers we’re talking about. It’s Rain World, the game that simultaneously has one of the cutest player characters and some of the weirdest and most sinister enemies I’ve seen in a while. all manner of creepy in the world of slugcat  If you want a better look at what I’m talking about, check out the gallery of gifs the creators of Rain World just posted in a Kickstarter update, or head over to the post itself and view the short videos showcasing each thing individually. Rain World beta: Aug gifs…


Latest GIFs from the adorable Rain World confirm there will be "death rain"

Oh Rain World. I’ve seen so many alluring gifs come out of your development process, I probably won’t even know what to do with you once you become an actual playable gif—er, I mean, a bona fide videogame. Most likely, out of habit, I’ll just watch and wait for you to loop back to the start. The creators have been making it rain gifs ever since the platformer was successfully Kickstarted all the way back in January 2014. A year and a half later, and the rain—one of the major elemental motifs in the world—is finally ready to be implemented.…


Rain World explodes with more slugcat .gifs

Rain World is part of an explosion over the past few years of games that express, through their pixel art, a very personal sort of fantasy. Along with Hyper Light Drifter, Witchmarsh, The Deer God, and Titan Souls, it sees pixel art not as cute but as ready for subversion, and an excuse to lavishly animate the living shit out of all on-screen characters. All of which does not mean that Rain World isn’t still also very cute, because: it is. I mean, these slugcats are pretty much made to be turned into plush dolls, which is good, because they…


Crawl is like Diablo, but with gorgeous, gory pixels

The dungeon hack Crawl, recently greenlit on Steam, is a grisly little action-RPG with very, very pretty pixel art. The new trailer is a visual symphony of small four-sided shapes—a feast of upside-down pentagrams, Carmackian floating demon heads, and plenty of blood-splatter.  Like Diablo, it allows you and up to three buddies to rampage through a damp, subterranean, freak-filled dungeon, with the caveat that your buds can possess the baddies and the spike traps. Another difference from Diablo: these pixels are hella expressive. Games from smaller studios that feature spectacular pixel art is a trend we’re loving, as we’ve seen…