One Night Stand

Dating sims don’t get much more awkward than One Night Stand

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. One Night Stand (Windows, Mac, Linux) BY KINMOKU What did you do last night? This is the big question that visual novel One Night Standopens up with. And for your first couple playthroughs you’ll probably pursue the answer to it. You know that you slept with the girl you woke up next to, that you abandoned your friend Gary after the first drink, and that you have a terrible hangover. The rest you have to uncover by investigating the debris around the bedroom: a used…


Ever feel like a break-up is the end of the world? This game’s for you

You know the feeling: your relationship has ended. What hope there was of rekindling it has long since faded. The detachment can feel crushing, and a peculiar transience sets in; you’re caught in a netherworld reeling from the loss. You still go about your daily business. You put the coffee on in the morning, you get dressed, and you might have a cigarette. But things are different now. You frequent the same spaces, the same bars and parks, you go to the cinema you’ve always gone to, except they’re tainted; past memories inhabit these places, recollections of shared experiences that…


Facebook’s looking to streamline your next breakup

I started dating when MSN Messenger was still a thing and started breaking up in the era of Facebook, which was a good system right up until the moment that it wasn’t. That last comment is probably a fair description of all relationships. Social media did not create the awkwardness of breakups, but it did lengthen the gauntlet through which the newly single must run, and running is hard when all you want to do is stay in bed with Netflix and a tub of ice cream. Facebook has apparently decided to do something about this 21st century problem. In a…


New Cibele trailer is a taste of teen life at the beginning of the digital age

Being a teen during the rise of the internet was weird in too many ways to describe. While you were experiencing all manner of hormonal and bodily changes, the rest of the world was experiencing its own kind of tumultuous transformation. As you matured into young adulthood, attempting to navigate the social structure that came along with it, the rest of society evolved and tried to navigate this new network of online people. While you discovered your sexuality for the first time, the word “cyber sex” sent ripples across many different cultures, introducing the world to a type of intimacy…


Point-and-click your way through the rotting aftermath of a divorce

“It’s about divorce,” reads Gary Butterfield’s blunt description of his short-story-turned-videogame Early Frost Warning. You know it’s going to be a glum playthrough, but 10 minutes in and you’re thinking: c’mon Horace, a broken boy in your bed and now your face is all red and balding? Sheesh, man, this is ugly. Sort yourself out. It’s not as dodgy as that makes it out to be. The broken boy in Horace’s bed isn’t his unlawful way of finding love after he split with his wife. Nah, he just knocked him over in the early morning grey, scooping him up with…