Robert Yang’s latest game lets you stargaze with a space-loving dude

No Stars, Only Constellations, a new videogame by Robert Yang, with music by Liz Ryerson, was made as part of the Fermi Paradox Jam. Initially called Polaris (a Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod released in 2009), this standalone remake has players on a date with a dude who’s really into stargazing. An old Renaissance star chart is overlaid with the night’s sky, and the narrative moves forward as players glance towards certain constellations as your date speaks of them. Estimates say there could be 400 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy alone, and an incredible number more in the wider universe. There are 500…


Pleasure your gay car boyfriend to a wild orgasm in Stick Shift

J.G Ballard’s novel Crash is one of numerous hellish car wrecks sprayed with both semen and blood. It’s a story that marries sexuality with the excitement of traffic collisions. What you might call an “autoerotica.” This is the word that Robert Yang has used to describe the last in his erotic gay sex game trilogy—comprised of Succulent, Hurt Me Plenty, and now Stick Shift. It’s a game in which your’re tasked with pleasing a gay car. The obvious phallic symbolism of the vehicle’s stick shift plays the part of penis. It is gently pumped along to your own wrist movements upon your computer…