A narrative experience where you are the cancer

In an interview for The Guardian, Ryan Green, one of the developers of That Dragon, Cancer, said, “We’ll have less games about saving the world and more about saving your child.” As developers and audiences grow older, more personal stories start to appear as subjects in games, led specially by the independent games movement. Apoptosis is a game that follows this path, telling the story of someone close to a cancer patient while offering us control of the spreading disease. it challenges us to continue the path of a disease The French team behind Apoptosis—François Rizzo, Lucien Cantonnet, Marjolaine Paz,…


The conference schedule for Two5six is available now

Two5six, our annual conference and festival, is a three-day celebration of a life well-played. If you haven’t been to Two5six before, you still have several days to buy a ticket for our conference and other events. The final schedule is now available for our conference next Saturday, May 16th. You can view the full festival schedule on Two5six’s website. Saturday’s conference will bring together leaders from game design and other industries to discuss the connections between games and other creative spaces. Game designers David O’Reilly (Mountain), Kara Stone (Sext Adventure), and Torfi Frans Olafsson (Eve Universe) will share  the stage…


That Dragon, Cancer expands its scope with Kickstarter relaunch

Joel Evan Green was diagnosed with a brain tumor at only twelve months of age. Doctors gave him four months to live. But he exceeded all medical expectations greatly, battling through multiple surgeries and another seven tumors. He lived on, strong, inside the sphere of love that his family had surrounded him in. They prayed, sung, and played with him, and Joel smiled back in the way that only infants can when experiencing pure joy.  When Joel was four years old, Ryan and Amy Green, his parents, started to recount their journey with Joel in a videogame. Prior to this,…